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3 Luxury Car Seats that Will Give You Butt-Envy

It’s not just self-drive, digital gadgets and horsepower that are speeding up the car industry in recent years. Superior interiors not only add to the price tag but have become the benchmark for technological refinement catering to high levels of comfort. Not long ago, the pinnacle for luxury car seats meant a heated seating.

Nowadays, the mainstream car has caught up with that once-upon-a-time piece of fine engineering, while top-spec vehicles are racing for the climate control adjustments, massage functionality, multiple USB chargers, and aeroplane-style legroom.

Once you get settled in these next three luxury car seats, you’ll never want the ride to cross the finish line.

Three Luxury Car Seats for a Glamorous Interior

1.   The 2016 S-Class Mercedes-Benz

luxury car seats

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The 2016 S-Class has a trick up its sleeve. When a Mercedes invites you to have a sit, you cannot resist it. Not even from afar. That’s because its ‘active perfuming system’ triggers a ‘discreet and mild’ scent that will make your nostrils flare in excitement and you to float behind the driving wheel.

The cabin is exquisitely polished. The front and back seats come in countless configurations of upholstery and power adjustment.

The front seats are soft and cushy. Do we even have to mention they come in heated and cooled options? The rear seats offer plenty of legroom for passengers to take advantage of, and don’t miss out on anything that happens in the front: the same multiple massage program ranging from stress-reducing to rejuvenating will make a day at the spa seem redundant.

After all, you already have a hot-stone-style massage available to you in the car.

2.   Range Rover SVAutobiography

Range Rover SVAutobiography luxury car seats

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You’d expect nothing less from a top-of-the-Range Rover. The people at Land Rover thought to reunite the best of the brand in one. Hence, the SVAutobiography, a testimony to undisputed strength and no-holds-barred luxury.

The four-zone climate control is only the start of the line. You could redress a few cattle with the amount of high-quality leather on display on the dashboard, the sumptuous seats, the doors, the luxury mats.

As always with SUVs designed to impress not the driver, but the passengers, the rear seats of the SVAutobiography take front stage. These luxury car seats come equipped with:

  • Enough room to remind one of first-class aeroplane seats.
  • Electric fold-out tables revealing a Champagne chiller and a couple of glasses to fit the drink.
  • Climate change controls.
  • USB charging points.
  • Massage
  • Eight-inch touchscreens.

3.   Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

Citroen Grand 4 Picasso luxury car seats

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Inside it’s where the magic happens. If space is what you hanker for, there’s a good provision of it in the Grand C4 Picasso. And it doesn’t pay by inch. Only downside, this beautiful French car isn’t available in the USA.

Bearing the name of a great painter, the Picasso couldn’t miss on light. This medium-sized family MPV comes both with a panoramic glass roof and an extended windscreen above the head.

For extra passengers, a fold-out third row of seats is available. A chic-looking dashboard welcomes the front seat passengers, with the additional seat heating and electric adjustment.

Meanwhile, the Picasso hits brilliance in terms of practicality. Picnic tables attached to retaining straps and storage cubbies are everything a family weekend van can offer at an affordable price.

The Cheaper Options

Amooca Compatible Universal Car Seat Cover luxury car seats

A high-end Mercedes or Range Rover is not everyone’s pick. Especially if we consider the financial implications. If you’d like to experience the feel of luxury in your own car, you could simply upgrade it with a seat cover from Moonet or, better yet, a needlework beige cover from Amooca. These are more than adequate replacements with an affordable price tag.

The world got wiser to its expectations of a top of the line luxury car. Seats matter in an auto industry that’s catering not only to safety, adrenaline, and entertainment but also to comfort.

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