Potensic T35 Quadcopter Review: A Powerful Drone Any User Can Easily Operate

Maybe you've already experienced the fun of operating a cool RC drone.

But even if you're just getting interested into this growing niche market, the Potensic T35 quadcopter is worth consideration. For starters, you'll get far more features than many of its competitors. So whether you're a hobbyist, racer, photographer, or anything else, there's plenty to love.

We'll get into all the incredible details and capabilities in our review below. And we think if you're looking for one of the best drones on the market, it's a strong contender.

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A Little About the Potensic T35 Quadcopter

Whether you've heard of the brand before or not, this powerful device deserves a close look. If you're looking for one of the best quadcopter RC drones on the market, we think this is a solid contender. We'll get into all the details below, but let's start with a broad overview of what it can do.

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Background About the Brand

As with many of the brands behind some of the best drones around, Potensic might not be a household name. But its commitment to building great machines is clear. And since it started creating drones for the public sector, plenty of fans have taken notice.

The brand is a subsidiary of the Shenzhen Deepsea Yuanhang Investment Company. That company takes a wide view of high tech electronics. And with a crew working diligently to bring the best to the market, it's no surprise its drones are so innovative.

Who This Product is Great For

We think the Potensic T35 quadcopter is a perfect choice for a variety of drone enthusiasts. For starters, it's got a powerful and quite capable camera attached. So if you're hoping to catch some breathtaking photos and videos during your flights, you won't be disappointed.

It's also powerful and nimble, making it a great choice for racers and other types of explorers. Whatever you're hoping to get out of your next drone, there's a good chance you'll find it here.

Best Uses for This Product

There are many reasons folks enjoy using drones. Some are a bit more practical than others. But almost all of them are possible with the Potensic T35 quadcopter. It's easy to take everything from a quick selfie to a panoramic aerial view.

And if you are using a drone to get into tight spots you can't access, it's also a good choice. Nimble, agile and responsive to your demands, this is a drone that is ready to go where you send it. 

Features & Benefits of the Potensic T35 Quadcopter

There's a lot to recommend in this clever remote controlled drone. And we've selected a few of the features we believe really capture its capabilities. We're sure any drone fan will find something to love in this product.

1. Incredible Camera

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Among the most popular uses of consumer drones is the camera. And if that's part of the reason you want a new quadcopter, keep reading. The high definition 1080p camera is among the best in its class. And it is equipped with an adjustable wide angle lens that gives you a clear view of everything in its path.

Want to take a still image? This drone is also capable of hovering in place like few of its competitors can. Plus, the first person view perspective makes sure you don't miss anything important. You'll be able to keep an eye on what your drone's camera sees in real time. And you can save it, edit it and share it easily when you're finished with your flight. 

2. Powerful Connectivity

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With built in global positioning and great ease of use, you can connect your new drone right to your smart device. Once it's hooked up, you can follow your device from the palm of your hand. In addition to keeping an eye on the flight, you can check on many other function of your drone.

It goes far beyond the camera itself. In fact, you can monitor critical factors like battery life through the clever system. And even if you miss the signals because you're too busy having fun, the drone has you covered. It will automatically return to its home base if the juice gets too low to keep it airborne. 

3. Automatically Returns Home 

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We think this is one of the cleverest features of the Potensic T35 quadcopter. As described above, the return home feature is automatically triggered if the battery gets too low. It also kicks in whenever the drone loses a signal from it remote control.

But you can also enact it yourself for a few other reasons. Maybe it's just out of sight or perhaps you need to cut your flight short. No need to navigate back to where you are. With the push of a button, you can get your drone back in no time.

4. Powerful GPS Functionality

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You probably know the benefit of GPS from any number of other devices. But in addition to powering smartphone maps and other functions, it's also very handy indrones. And the Potensic T35 quadcopter has one of the most innovative systems we've reviewed.

Not only will it help give you a smoother and more enjoyable flight, it also keeps your drone reined in. And with headless mode enacted, it can fly in any direction with the flick of a switch. And no matter when you're flying, bright and powerful LED lights give you a clear view. Plus, a powerful nine axis gyroscope means your drone will remain stable no matter what you put it through.

What Drone Enthusiasts Have to Say About the Potensic T35 Quadcopter

There are plenty of great reviews of this drone available online. But even one of the most innovative products on the market won't suit everyone's needs. So in order for you to get a more complete picture of what it provides, we've looked at what users have to say. Here are a few of the most common pros and cons we discovered.


  • plus
    Great camera
  • plus
    Headless mode
  • plus
    Return home feature


  • close
    Lots of parts
  • Complex remote control

Still not convinced the Potensic T35 quadcopter is right for you? Keep reading for a few other great products worth your consideration.

Alternative RC Drones to Consider

If you're shopping around for a new drone, we think there's a lot to enjoy about the Potensic T35 quadcopter. But if you're still not sold on it, we've also collected a few other great contenders.

1. Blade Theory XL

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If you're looking for a quick and powerful drone to take up racing, this is a great option. Just unpack it and you'll have one of the fastest drones around. Other enthusiasts might add new accessories and features to increase performance. But you won't have to do that with this beast. 

It's a lot more than just fast, though. You'll get a rigid and tough frame that can survive most crashes. Nimble handling will take you through even the toughest tracks and courses. And the long lasting batteries will give you lots of time in the air to battle against other drones.

2. DJI Spark Fly

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This is a small drone model made by DJI, a company with a proven history in the sector. Consumer drones have come a long way in recent years. And this tiny tech toy has many of the best features to come out of that advancement.

One of the cleverest details is its camera, which is able to recognize the user's face. This allows it to hover for the perfect selfie or perform many other cool stunts. And the connectivity it provides with your smart device only opens up the possibilities further. Take whatever you capture in the sky and turn it into a thrilling animation. Edit your videos and share them easily with just a few steps. All of this power fits in the palm of your hand. And best of all it's incredibly easy to operate. This drone provides an intriguing option for drone fans of all skill levels. 

3. Autel EVO

potensic t35 quadcopter, potensic, potensic t35, potensic quadcopter, potensic t35 quadcopter review

Autel Robotics makes a wide range of cool tech toys, including several different drone models. The EVO is highly advanced and has a dual GPS system that gives you stability in the sky. Plus, it's expertly built out of high quality materials, so you can fly with confidence.

It's also got some of the innovative benefits found in the Potensic T35 quadcopter. Find a useful return to home feature to make sure you never lose your new drone. It is designed to head back to home base when you call it or when the battery gets low. You'll also easily retrieve it if the remote control is no longer reaching your device. Two high quality cameras keep an eye on everything. And it is easy to hover or fly in any direction you choose.

There are plenty of options in the rapidly growing segment of drone devices.

And we hope our review of the Potensic T35 quadcopter has helped make your decision easier. Whether you think it meets your needs or not, we believe you'll agree there are a lot of great features included.

If you learned something valuable from our article, share it with the drone enthusiasts in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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