Volenx Travel Cigar Case Review: The Best Travel Companion For Your Cigars

Your expensive cigars lose their quality without an equally luxurious cigar case for safe-keeping.

Cigars are a reflecion of a person’s personal choice. You choose the perfect taste, look, and feel for you. Of course, the cost is also a factor. But, once you have your favorite cigar with you, the next step is to keep it in good condition so that you enjoy it as and when you want. After all, you don’t want to worry about losing out on the premium taste and experience. However, for that, you need an equally impressive cigar case, like the Volenx travel cigar case. While there are many in the market, there is a distinct quality that makes it a perfect companion for your expensive cigars.

The Volenx travel cigar case is what you need to keep your cigars in good condition. But, beyond that, you'll carry the case with pride and also elegantly flaunt it with your other premium accessories. Even though you might already have a cigar case, it’s worth trying out the Volenx travel cigar case. Its distinct features and premium leather make it a worthwhile purchase. Check out the entire review below.

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

A Little About ​the Volenx Travel Cigar Case

The Volenx travel cigar case is made by Volenx Company. While we trace the origin, we also give you reasons to choose it.

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

Background About Volenx

Volenx is a Chinese company that is in existence for the last fourteen years. Besides development and manufacture, it also exports cigar accessories, cigar humidors, cigar cutters, and other cigar products from China. 

While it promotes its products across many platforms, it is known for its high-quality and consistent products. This has led to loyal customers. And it’s no surprise that users highly rate their products.

Why should you consider this brand?

Volenx has been in business for almost two decades, and this makes it a known name in cigar products. It also operates a wide range of cigar products. Thus, its reach is extensive. And, it also understands the pulse of customers to create products that are relevant with changing times. Because of this, all you need is to search through your favorite Volenx products and soak in their best features. Since customers have their faith in the brand for many years, you won’t be disappointed when you buy Volenx items.

​Who do these products work best for?

You might like your cigar as often as many times a day to occasional use. However, you will always want it to be easily accessible, neatly lined up, and also elegantly placed every time you open the cigar case. After all, the beauty of the cigar becomes better when you have an elegant case that holds it. Whether you are a regular traveler who needs your cigar close by, or someone who enjoys a cigar on a vacation, the Volenx travel cigar case is the best companion for you. And, if you are curious to know how well the features will complement your luxurious cigar, then read on.

Features & Benefits of the Volenx Travel Cigar Case

The Volenx travel cigar case has some of the best features that make it an ideal companion for your cigars.

1. Compact yet multi-functional

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

The Volenx travel cigar case is small in size, yet it has many features once you open it. It's the perfect size for four cigars of 6.8 inch and 56 ring gauge without having to cram them in. The buttoned inner pocket lets you keep small items as and when you need it. Because it is buttoned, you are assured of a safe carry when you take it along. Additionally, the stainless steel cutter rests in the interior without letting the cigars get scratched or affected. And, since the cigars are held together with a strap, don’t worry about them moving about even on an adventurous ride.

2. Perfect Length

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

Your cigars might be luxurious, but when you travel, other items demand your attention. But, that does not mean your cigar does not need due attention. That’s the reason the Volenx travel cigar case is made to stack your cigars and not occupy much space neatly. The 8.1x 5.2 x 3.1in size also means you can carry it along wherever you go, even in a small area.

3. High Quality

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

The subtle yet neat case design is of high-quality leather, making it a perfect case to carry along for golf or other events. Also, if you are looking for a suitable gift this holiday season there can be no better one than the Volenx travel cigar case.

4. Portable and Easy to Carry

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

Because it can carry as much as four cigars, it’s lightweight and easy to take. So, whether you are on a short trip in the neighborhood, or traveling overseas for work, you don’t need a lot of space. Place your cigars in the case and get ready for a smooth trip with the best companion -- the Volenx travel cigar case.

What People Have to Say About the Volenx Travel Cigar Case

The Volenx travel cigar case is small, sleek and elegant. These and many more features have found favor with its users. We scanned the internet and found some pros and cons that can let you decide if its right for you.


  • plus
    Compact and portable
  • plus
    High-quality leather
  • plus
    Cutter and buttoned straps for safe-keeping


  • close
    It can carry only four cigars
  • It comes in only one color of mocha brown

The product has received positive reviews, and like any product, it does have its limitation. However, if you are looking for a small and compact, yet luxurious case that’s perfect for your needs, then there could be no other to compete with this one.

Alternatives to the Volenx Travel Cigar Case to Consider

If you wish to consider some alternatives to the Volenx travel cigar case. we have a few for your review.

1. Spanish Cedar Wood Portable Cigar Humidor

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

This black leather case humidor lets you carry four cigars. Because it is of high-grade material, it retains the condition of cigars to keep them in good shape. Besides this, there are two lined pockets that can accommodate the cigar cutter and lighter. The cigar cutter is ideal for conventional cigars and goes along perfectly with the elegant case of Spanish cedar wood.

Also, the tray and buckles let you keep the cigars in one place. And, like the Volenx travel cigar case, it is small in size and portable. So, carry it along on short trips or make it a companion for your travel or vacation. The humidifier can be quickly taken out and water added when you need it. The black case makes for a classy look and is easy to carry around.

2. C​igarism Cedar Lined Cigar Case

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

A classic cedar lined cigar case is a must-buy if you are planning to gift one to your boss or colleague. High-quality leather and Spanish cedar are the hallmark. Like the Volenx travel cigar case, it is small in size and easy to carry around. With a capacity of four cigars, you can take your favorite cigars anywhere you like without a bulky case.

And, this small but classy cedar-lined cigar case comes with one copper cutter, one double-torch jet flame, one siphon, and one tray to carry it along. The red stitches are an embellishment that’s bound to get you compliments from everyone. And, if black is your style then you know you cannot pass this envious cedar lined cigar case for another.

3. L​agute Groucho Cigar Case

Volenx travel cigar case, Volenx travel cigar case review

If there is one cigar case you can proudly place beside your premium luxury brands, then it’s Lagute Groucho cigar case. With its signature premium cedar wood and soft leather, it protects your cigars from losing quality. Besides, the case also protects from tobacco worms with a high humidity absorption capacity which also goes well with the cigar aging process. And, better yet, it enhances the flavors of the cigars.

The humidor comes with a humidifier to control the humidity. The case can carry six cigars and also comes with two removable trays. Even the premium leather strips secure your cigars nicely. If you plan on giving a luxurious, functional, and highly approved cigar case, then this is the right one for the occasion. Or, if you plan to have one for yourself, your friends and family won’t be able to stop praising its elegant look.

The Volenx travel cigar case has all the features to be the best companion for your cigars.

Cigars carry a sense of pride in the right cigar case. We hope you have picked the proper cigar humidor for your expensive cigars.

Do share your favorite picks from the list in the comments below! If you are yet to decide which one is the best, share this list with your friends and let them help you choose.

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