IPKN Cosmetics: The Luxury Perfume Infused Make-up You’ve Been Waiting for

Consumers and industry experts alike have recently been fascinated by Korean beauty. And they have a very good reason for their obsession, seeing that Marie Claire, the international magazine for women, dubbed Korea “the new skincare superpower.” It turns out this Asian nation is about a decade ahead the rest of the skincare innovation. One of the best examples of K-Beauty is IPKN Cosmetics, a company that’s made a name for itself in the most surprising way.

About K-Beauty


To understand the infatuation with Korean beauty, we must first be aware of the fact that Koreans – both men and women – are among the most demanding beauty consumers globally. You don’t believe us? Hear us out.

One of Korea’s top dermatologists once told a story of how a client of his – one with radiant and flawless skin – came in her office saying, “I know I have perfect skin, but I want it to look slightly more translucent and porcelain- like.” When he heard that, the dermatologist simply threw his hands up and exclaimed, “I give up! Korean women have standards that are impossible to meet.”

Some of us only dream of having “the perfect skin,” but Korea’s sky-high standards are not just taxing. They’re also the very drive behind the Korean beauty industry, forcing the brands and cosmetic laboratories to strive to keep up.

On top of everything, it’s worth knowing that Korean consumers are famously voracious when it comes to skincare products. Since they buy a lot, their money helps fund extensive R&D. Given that the market share is a pit of hyper-competition, the thousands of beauty brands have no other choice but to give the clients what they want. And thus, the incredibly innovative industry of Korea had made it to the forefront of the beauty world.


Koreans Make It Happen


But what about the consumers in other parts of the globe? Well, unless you somehow have enough frequent-flier miles on a transpacific airline, you’re probably not heading to Seoul to refill your cosmetic bag. But other makeup and skin-care fans – with a strong taste for adventure – have already been attracted by the instant global popularization of BB creams.

South Korea is now the destination of choice for many dermatologists who are attracted by the scientifically advanced, neatly packaged – not to mention relatively cheap – cosmetics produced here.



IPKN, for instance, quickly attracted an international clientele due to their K-Beauty products. The company launched in 1999, when it was defined as “Independent Professional Korean New Yorker.” IPKN was the first NYC-inspired South Korean beauty company, shaping the trend we now know as Korean beauty. It brought a universal beauty sense to Korea that attracts thousands of international fans each year.


In 2016, IPKN underwent a revamping; it was renewed for the U.S. and its formulas and products were designed to emulate the style of the working city woman. As you can see, Koreans are quite serious about their perfumes and skincare. It also helps that they clearly know what they want: gentle ingredients, innovation, and charming packaging. And they are sure not ready to pay a fortune to have that.

“New York, LA, Seoul… wherever you go or stay, IPKN is your city-proof essential beauty.”

What to Expect from K-Beauty Products

#1 Incredible Innovation


Sheet masks, BB creams, the cushion compact—all of these beauty staples that are now so basic originated in Korea. The heart of the beauty industry beats in Seoul, an innovative mecca that constantly surprises us with never-before-seen formulations and textures, as well as genius and clever packaging. Everything looks better and it’s also easier to apply. If you don’t believe us, imagine walking on the 8 adjacent street blocks in the heart of the capital where 112 beauty stores have been densely packed.

#2 Gentle Ingredients


K-Beauty products make use of the most effective Western ingredients—and then some. The impressively wide repertoire includes ground-breaking yet gentle ingredients, such as bee venom and snail mucin. They also come up with the freshest formulations which promise to deliver results like never before. Read more about bee venom in beauty products.


#3 Unique Formulas


One of the things that make Korean beauty heritage what it is today is the fact that many of the natural ingredients have been passed down from generation to generation. In the specific oriental style, the tradition is based on formulations that say no to harsh chemicals and yes to drawing beauty from the Earth instead.

#4 Astonishing Results


The holistic Korean beauty philosophy is based on clearing out the skin and improving it from the inside out. They believe that you cannot achieve a truly radiant complexion overnight; it’s not just the skin’s outer layers that need to be treated. Instead, the entire Korean skincare business concentrates on creating and sustaining a healthy, nourished, and well-hydrated skin environment that will give you results that last a lifetime.


#5 Better Value


In general, competition among companies in a certain file is a good thing for consumers. In Korea, the competition among beauty brands is nothing if not extremely fierce. In turn, this keeps the prices of beauty products relatively down without having to sacrifice quality.

Below, you will find a list of Korean beauty products, including some of the famous IPKN items that you simply must buy. Browse and let us know if you have any other suggestions.

IPKN Luxury Perfume Make Up Base


The makeup base which is based on perfume is one of the many innovations Korea receives credit for. This 35 ml, mint green foundation is nothing short of a miracle, especially if you’re also striving for a youthful looking skin. With a SPF30, the product provides enough UV protection at all times without creating a cakey aspect.

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Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist


Tatcha’s dewy mist has been touted by experts for the way it enhances the skin with a glowing luminosity. It’s obvious that this skin mist soon became a must-have for anyone who wanted their skin veiled in a gentle light. Top-shelf ingredients make up this skincare cocktail; licorice root, camellia seed oil, silk extract, and green tea leaf are just some of them. The result is a setting mist that will offer your complexion the moisture it needs all day.

This liquid spray-on mist can be used anytime for a boost of calming hydration, resulting in the Korean dewy look we all envy. The skin becomes luminous due to the antiaging complex of rice bran oil, whole plant green tea, and red algae. You can use it whenever, as it softens and smooths out the skin without disturbing makeup. It also refreshes the nude makeup throughout the day without any buildup or residue.

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Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask


Sheet masks are definitely still ‘in,’ but how great are those bubbly masks? Not only does this clay mask fix and foam, but it also transforms your face into a bubble wrap imitation. No wonder the Elizavecca product took social media by storm this year. You’re meant to keep the muddy treatment on your skin for about five minutes. When the bubbles start forming, add water to the mix for maximum results.

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IPKN Elegant Perfume Foundation


We’re all looking for a foundation that will not build up during the day. This IPKN perfume base could be the answers to your prayers. The formula offers SPF30 UV protection, as well as a glowing effect to the tired skin. The dense foundation is meant to uniform the complexion as well as act as wrinkle control. The product comes in 35-ml containers that you can replenish.

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belif True Cream Aqua Bomb


Some believe they’re too young to seriously consider anti-aging creams as a must in their skincare routine. In fact, you could get the ball rolling early and get your feet wet with an easy formula for your skin. This belif gel cream contains plantin, antioxidants, and oat husk – a trio that makes your morning better and your night more hydrated. It minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores, as well as improves skin’s elasticity through the collagen-boosting action.

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Dr. Jart+ Water Fuse Water-Max Sleeping Mask


K-Beauty experts will give you straight: The key to gorgeous skin does not lie in an instant cream, but in a good night’s sleep. However, you could give your eight-hour snooze a much needed boost, right? That’s what Dr. Jart’s overnight mask does; the absorbent gel strengthens the skin’s protective barrier, making sure your face stays young. With hyaluronic acid in its formula, the sleeping mask locks in moisture as you sleep, while the olive leaf and cranberry work together on improving your complexion’s elasticity.

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Bonus: We are often less than aware of the smells surrounding us – whether it’s a perfume we’re already used to or a spicy smell that passes our noses undetected. If you want to be better at recognizing fragrances, watch this illustrated video by TED-Ed. It’ll help you enhance your smelling senses so you can become an expert yourself.


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