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Atoto A6 2Din Review: Sleek In-Dash Navigation to Revolutionize Your Ride

There are lots of great ways to inject some high tech wizardry into your car.

And the Atoto A6 2Din device is one of the products we think is worth consideration. If you're looking for a GPS navigation unit for your vehicle, keep reading. This one has maps, step by step directions and so much more.

Maybe you're used to relying on your smartphone or a built in unit for getting around. But you might find a device like this one makes everything easier while you're on the road. The user interface is simple to understand from behind the wheel. And when used correctly, more of your attention will be on the road ahead -- where it belongs. 

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

A Little About the Atoto A6 2Din

When you're browsing the available brands in the GPS navigation market, you'll find some familiar names. But then there are relative newcomers like the Atoto A6 2Din. Just because it's not a household name doesn't mean it isn't up to the task. If anything, we think this product tries to outdo the competition -- possibly because it is the underdog. 

But we'll let you decide for yourself. Compare the features of this device with its top competitors. In face, we'll include three top rivals in a series of short reviews at the end of this article. No matter what design elements you're hoping to find, we think you'll discover a great option somewhere below.

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

Background About Atoto

This company has built a following around the world for its automotive electronics. And the Atoto A6 2Din represents the pinnacle of its high tech gadgetry. You can count on high quality materials and expert construction for worry free performance. And all of the products Atoto offers are available at a reasonable price.

Who This Product is Great For

If you want to enhance the experience behind the wheel, chances are this product will help you do it. The Atoto A6 2Din provides you much more than just GPS navigation. But if you do need help finding your way round, it will definitely help. And it's also great a number of other clever features on the road. We'll discuss those in detail below. Just keep in mind that this product promises to provide drivers with a lot. And we think it delivers.

Best Uses for This Product

Of course you'll probably get a lot of use out of the navigation features. Turn by turn instructions make sense and are easy to follow. Then there are the entertainment features. Whether you want to make your commute safer or just more fun, the Atoto A6 2Din can help. And if you like to explore new road but don't want to get lost along the way, it's also a great product. Keep reading to find out all of the great uses for this device.

Features & Benefits of the Atoto A6 2Din

There are many features packed inside the sleek design of this device. And we'll let you know a few of the major capabilities you should check out if you're considering it. So keep reading to find out exactly how this product might make your commutes a bit smoother.

1. Custom Fit for Your Vehicle

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

Unlike using your cellphone, this device can actually enhance the look of your interior. Affixed to the dashboard, you can use its capabilities to achieve much more from the driver's seat. For starters, it comes with plenty of inputs to charge the device while you're on the road. With Bluetooth capabilities and auxiliary outputs, voice activated controls are available at all times.

One of our favorite features is its rapid boot system. Within a matter of seconds after turning the ignition, you can see what is on your display. And it looks both classy and sleek, made of high quality materials and constructed to last. You can check ahead of time to see how well it will look inside of your particular vehicle. But the universal design means its it understated and can complement a range of autos.

2. Easy to Use Features

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

The Atoto A6 2Din might look good in your car, but it's more than just an attractive device. There is a lot going on under the surface. And each of the clever features are easy to access and use. First of all, the operating system is one you might already be familiar with. It is the Android Marshmallow version, which can correspond with numerous apps and features. 

From the maps you can update to audio and other entertainment features, the ride can be a lot more fun. And since it's all operated easily through the display or your voice, the trip is safer as a result. There's even a steering wheel control so you don't have to move your hands. A few of the options we found especially helpful were the radio tuner and back up camera input. You'll probably use some of these features every time you head down the road. Since it all works as advertised, you never have to worry about getting lost or stranded.

3. Helpful & Entertaining Capabilities

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

Now let's talk about some of the apps this device can bring to life in your auto's cockpit. Of course, it might be easier to list the features you can't access behind the wheel. WiFi connectivity means you can connect this product with your own device. And a quality microphone results in easy to use voice commands. 

In addition to streaming audio, you'll have access free maps and updates. Then there is support for traffic apps like Waze to find you the best route wherever you're traveling. Other accessories can give you even more unique and helpful capabilities. But just the features it comes with straight out of the box will meet almost any desires you could have. 

4. Advanced Engineering

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

Sure, the software might be where all the fun can be found. But without great hardware, it's all pretty much useless. So the good thing about the Atoto A6 2Din is that you can tell the manufacturer paid attention to details. For starters, there are lots of wires and plugs to make sure everything is hooked up properly. 

Then there are the updates to ensure everything remains current and function for a long time to come. You can count on coverage from your available warranty to keep your device humming along. Learn all you need to know from an installation guide. And the registration will give you any additional information you might need. If you need any additional assistance along the way, just contact the support staff by email. Experts can help with any installation issues or other pitfalls you might encounter along the way.

What Motorists Have to Say About the Atoto A6 2Din

As we've revealed, there are many great features packed into this product. But we also wanted to take a holistic look and determine whether it's the right pick for you. So we scoured reviews online from owners who purchased the Atoto A6 2Din. Keep reading for the most common pros and cons we found in our search.


  • plus
    Easy to use
  • plus
    Rear view camera
  • plus
    Plenty of map options


  • close
    Tricky to install
  • Spotty connectivity

We think you'll agree that this device is packed with options and helpful functions. But there are several other options in this sector of the market. So if you're not quite sold on the Atoto A6 2Din, keep reading. We've identified three other products we believe are worthy of your consideration. 

Alternative GPS Navigation Units to Consider

Still looking for the perfect addition to your car's dashboard? Here are three distinct options, each with their own list of helpful features. Take a look at the style, functionality and quality of the products below to choose your favorite.

1. Garmin DriveSmart 61

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

Garmin has been a significant name in the automotive GPS device market. And the industry has advanced by leaps and bounds since the brand first hit the market. We think this is the most innovative display we've seen from this company. And it responds both quickly and directly to any commands you give it.

In addition to navigation assistance, you'll have Bluetooth to make hands free calls. Send texts and do much more without ever touching the screen. It will also help with a lot of useful suggestions, including finding a great restaurant nearby. Install it easily and start getting into all of the features with just a short introductory period. Like the Atoto A6 2Din, it can actually make your interior look more polished and upscale. Drive a smarter and safer vehicle with this unit installed in your dashboard.

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There's more to an in dash unit than turn by turn navigation. Of course, your new Kenwood includes all the latest GPS capabilities. But it also comes from one of the most respected names in car audio. So there is a long line of expertise behind the inner workings of this product. The audio streams in rich quality with the best of anything you're listening to popping out to the surface. You'll become familiar with the user interface in short order. And then you'll be on your way to enjoying helpful smart assistance along with incredibly vibrant sounds.

3. Lexxson Car Navigation

Atoto A6 2Din, Atoto A6 2Din review

Like the Atoto A6 2Din, this is a device from a company that might not be a household name. And you'll also find a valiant effort to stake a claim in a crowded marketplace. We think it performs well against the other third party GPS navigation systems listed above. Connect it to your smartphone for nearly limitless synchronization possibilities. The touch screen is quite vibrant and responsive. Then the Bluetooth connectivity provides for voice command potential. And the navigation works very well, keeping you on the right path regardless of where it leads.  

Choosing the Atoto A6 2Din for your car can open up the drive to many new possibilities.

Whether it's convenience or safety, this device can provide whatever you're looking for. But it's far from the only option in this innovative sector of the marketplace. So do your research and find the product that will meet all your needs. We hope our guide has helped make that decision a bit easier for you to make.

If so, share this article with the motorists in your life. And leave us a comment below if you have any final thoughts or questions.

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