Two of The Best Contact Lens Jewelry and Things You Need to Consider

We live in a world where if you won’t like something about yourself, you can change it.

We’re not just talking about clothes and hair colour, but now your eyes. There’s a handful of companies creating the best contact lens jewelry so you can enhance your eye area and face. In this article, we’re exploring two innovative ways you can achieve this, and things to consider.

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The Best Contact Lens Jewelry

We wear jewelry on our neck, wrists, fingers and ears, so why not expand into wearing jewelry on our eyes too? You first thought might be to question safety. Is it safe to wear contact lenses with embellishments attached to them? Firstly, we suggest you visit an eye doctor to get your eyes medically checked because wearing anything for vanity. However, always purchase from a legitimate company which produces jewelry designed and crafted by experts and professionals. As a result, they create beautiful and shiny accessories which aren’t dangerous to insert in your eye.

If you already wear contact lenses, it’s possible to have the jewelry adapted to suit your prescription. Therefore, you’re not compromising your eye health for fashion. Some people fear that this fashion trend could be detrimental to your eyes. However, so long as you are precautious and follow the guidelines, there’s no need to worry. Also, it might be wise to avoid being around young children or animals as they could pull on the lens and pull it out of your eye. Although there are never any jewels inserted into your eye, pulling it out could hurt or irritate the eye. If you have a prescription, you may struggle to properly see after the incident. Once you’re happy with the safety and rules, take a look at some of the best contact lens jewelry.

1. LED False Eyelashes

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Throwback to 2017 when the cosmetics world was trying to think of new methods to accessories your eyes. Rather than wearing mascara every day, which not choose a more glamorous make-up trend? LED false eyelashes are one of the best contact lens jewelry ideas because they’re easy to apply and add a whole lot of creativity to your overall look. At the moment, there’s an array of companies which are toying which this creative approach. All of which are safe for contact lens wearers.

If you’re heading to a glamorous event and want to take your eye-look to another level, these LED false eyelashes are a great way to achieve that. Not only do they look bright and energetic, but the flash changes based on the different rhythm it hears from music. As a result, they’re ideal for a concert, show or even home party. Compared to ordinary false eyelashes, these are lightweight and won’t weigh your eyelids down. This is a pretty amazing feature to offer considering they’re fitted with a microcomputer program control. They don’t bring any hard to the eyes, as they feature a low-colour temperature.  

In total, there are 10 different lighting modes to explore. These can automatically change to respond to music. However, you can press the button for around four seconds to manually change it yourself. Alternatively, you can even turn the LED off so that they just glow without flashing. Easy to apply, simply add lash adhesive to them and stick to your eyelid. To remove, gently peel away the lashes and safely store them to use next time. Finally, these lashes are also waterproof, which makes them ideal to wear with additional make-up.

2. Coloured Contact Lenses

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Another of the best contact lens jewelry is coloured contact lenses. These are easier to come by than other accessories. You can also wear them if you do or don’t have an eye prescription. These types of lenses mimic the colour of the iris to appear as though your eyes are a different colour. In total, there are three different types: opaque tinted lenses, enhancement tinted lenses and visibility titled lenses. The first enable you to dramatically change the colour of your iris. These are ideal for people with darker eyes as it creates a more obvious finish. With a wide range of colours to choose from, you can make your eyes appear hazel, blue, brown, yellow, green, grey and even more. You can use these contact lenses for fancy dress or novelty use too.

Secondly, enhancement tinted lenses help to make your natural eye colour stand out more. They are tinted in a similar shade to your natural eye colour to make the shade more visual. For example, if you have blue eyes, you may desire a brighter shade. If so, it’s completely possible to achieve that with this type of lens.

Before you consider purchasing coloured eye contact lenses, bear in mind a few things. Firstly, your skin tone and hair colour will determine what colour your eyes should be. For example, you may admire blue eyes, but would this shade honestly complement your skin tone? Also, if you have a prescription but wish to purchase coloured lenses, we recommend choosing a shade not to dissimilar from your natural colour. This is because your pupils regularly change size and if the lens doesn’t adapt to this, it could massively restrict your vision.

What is The Best Content Lens Jewelry Do You Know?

We hope you enjoyed reading about two of our favourite fashionable ways to jazz up your eyes. The amazing thing about the beauty and fashion industry is that you can enhance how you look at any point. There are so many fun ways to play around with your appearance. At the moment, brands and individuals are toying with new ways to create the best contact lens jewelry.

What do you think of this phase? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments to keep this conversation going. Also, if you enjoyed reading this article, don’t forget to share it with friends.

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