Fashion YouTube Channels To Follow For The Best Tips and Tricks

YouTube is a great platform to gain insight in an area you’re passionate about.

With the increase of vloggers, we’re learning tips from our own community. Many of us reach for magazines about celebrity culture for wardrobe advice. But, let’s take a look at the best fashion YouTube channels to follow for tips and tricks on all areas.

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Fashion YouTube Channels Everyone Should Follow

There are thousands of fashion YouTube channels, and the industry is growing. But we’ve found our three favourite vloggers based off of their knowledge, technical skills and personality.

Clothes Encounters – 2 Videos Per Week

This is one of the best fashion YouTube channels to follow, because the vlogger shows all areas of the fashion process. You don’t just see the end result, but the shopping trips too. As a result, you get shopping tips on picking outfits for your shape. Jenn, the vlogger, provides fashion advice for occasions such as rainy days, winter outfits, and even wedding dresses.

Samantha Maria – 2 Videos Per Week

Samantha Maria provides outfit ideas in a professional manner. Not only does Samantha show what looks great, but she explains why. Consequently, you can learn about the fashion world, rather than just replicating someone else’s style. Her outfit choices are versatile and she often provides tips to change it up for your own attitude.

Loey Lane

Loey Lane is fun and quirky, and her videos are fun and informative to watch. As a plus-size herself, she’s keen to promote a healthy, realistic body image. Through her video tutorials, you’ll learn how to dress confidently and stylishly. She also focuses on affordable outfits, so she has one of the best fashion YouTube channels for those on a budget.

What Are Your Favourite Fashion YouTube Channels?

It’s a lot easier and more interesting to see fashion happening in video form, rather than written. We hope you enjoyed the above three fashion vloggers. But, we’d like to hear about where you get your fashion inspiration from. Share in the comments your favourite fashion vloggers and what makes them so special.

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