The LG Semi-Integrated Dishwasher as a Luxury Home Décor and Appliance 2-in-1

So you’ve decided your minimalist kitchen simply needs a dishwasher made to measure. The LG Semi-Integrated Dishwasher we’re going to present to you today is a good match. We’ll talk about how it did in performance tests, what features it offers, and how it will improve your dishwashing routine. But before, take a look at our summarized review of the main pros and cons of this LG dishwasher.

  • The Good: You can fit pretty much anything you want into the LG LDS5040ST dishwasher, thanks to the many fold-down tines on its racks. For a price tag of $700, this appliance is perfectly capable of taking care of your dirty dishes – provided you rinse them beforehand.
  • The Bad: The dishwasher offers a limited selection of cycles and options and all of them take longer than normal to complete. Unfortunately, the extra time spent is not necessarily justified with better cleaning. Also, is you don’t rinse the leftovers, you’ll find redeposited chunks on your bowls and plates.

Why Buy the LG Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

The appliance stores near you might not have a wide range of options. However, if you need to buy a dishwasher right away and want to get your hands on a competent one, the LG LDS5040ST will meet your needs. As long as you rinse your dishes, the machine will treat you well enough. Even though it doesn’t have mind-blowing features, this LG looks elegant, it’s rather quiet, and will integrate well in your kitchen.

A mid-range dishwasher, the LDS5040ST is in good company. You can find similar options at around the same price, such as this trio. The $600 GE GDF610PMJES will provide you with a handful of useful features, while the $700 Kenmore 13699 will surprise you with its great cleaning power. Lastly, the $650 Frigidaire FGID2466QF delivers the best combo of cleaning and features in this range. However, the LG LDS5040ST stands in its own niche, somewhere in between the aforementioned dishwashers. A decent dishwasher, this machine will do its job with a minimum of input on your side.

Disposing Convention

The LG LDS5040ST features two key differences that set it apart when compared with the three midrange models mentioned above. First, it comes with a stainless steel tub, unlike the three rivals which use plastic tubs. However, even though the stainless tub should have improved the energy consumption of this model, it draws approximately the same kWh per year. In fact, the Frigidaire FGID2466QF actually rated lower (268 kWh compared to the 279 kWh of the LG). The other main difference was the hard food disposer – the one that counterbalanced the benefits of the stainless tub in this LG. Unlike the other dishwashers in its price range. The LG essentially features a disposal at the bottom of its tub. The three competitors all remove large particles from the water with the help of a modern mesh filter. In spite of the energy consumption of the disposer, the LG does a stellar job keeping the appliance quiet.

Cycles & Options

In addition to the stainless tub and the food disposer, which set the LG LDS5040ST apart, this product also comes with five cycles to choose from. You can also pick any of three different options on top of the preferred cycle. The ranges go from Delicate to Power Scrub, while the Quick cycle takes a full 90 minutes. You’ll find the controls located on the front of the dishwasher, right next to the scoop handle. Unlike the more modern designs, this LG lacks the control integration on the upper lip. If you’re more of a hands-on person, you can choose your dish washing cycles with physical buttons instead of touch controls.

Consistent with the LG design, this model also lacks a start button. Users can go straight to picking the desired cycle. The Option button allows them to select one of three: Sanitary, Extra Rinse, or Extra Dry. Then, the dishwasher starts doing its job as soon as the door is closed. For your convenience, the countdown timer on the control panel stays lit throughout the run. That way, you always know how much time remains.

Best Features

The dishwasher lacks the already customary third rack, but don’t let that put you off. Even though it doesn’t present anything particularly helpful on the inside, it has enough room. Thanks to the tines that fold down, you can fit in bigger items wherever you want to. The angle of two columns of the tines on the upper rack is customizable. You could also set every other tine down in certain rows on the bottom rack to expand the space. This LG features a capacity for 14 place settings. As it stands, the LDS5040ST comes with a host of useful options. Let’s get right to it.

Whether you need to wash pans, pots, glasses, or dishes, the EasyRack™ Plus System has your back. It delivers superior convenience and flexibility, allowing you to adjust the space to ensure optimal cleaning performance. The LoDecibel™ (a sound-reducing material) and the Slim DirectDrive™ Motor create a very quiet experience. This LG creates low noise output (48 dB), making it one of the quietest dishwashers in the LG offering.

When buying a dishwasher, no-one wants to worry about its endurance. Thanks to the DirectDrive™ Motor, this appliance operates more efficiently and uses fewer moving parts. With confidence, LG has backed its motor up with a 10-year warranty, so there’s nothing to keep you up at night. Due to the incorporated SmartDiagnosis™ feature, the dishwasher can also self-diagnose and communicate the results to LG customer service. Available 24/7 it, provides you with reliability and comfort.

The LG LDS5040ST is available at most large appliance dealers, including Home Depot and Best Buy. If you access LG’s official website, it will re-direct you to retailers in your area carrying this model. Just like many other large appliances, the LDS5040ST comes at a discount from the $700 price. For instance, Home Depot has dropped the price to $640.

Redepositing Bulk

In addition to the features we already talked about and the stainless tub, the LG prides itself in the hard food disposer. But how does it deal with limiting redeposit? This appliance scored lower than its three competitors when it came to removing bulky foods from the dishes. And even though the cycles on the LDS5040ST are longer than what you would normally expect, the payoff is not quite there. While the glasses and the plates are indeed clean, they’re not sparkling like you’d like them to. The LG LDS5040ST’s score in the performance test was average, somewhat lower than the Kenmore 13699 and the Frigidaire FGID2466QF.

It scored an overall rating of 73 percent, which isn’t bad. In fact, it bested some models that have a much higher price tag. For instance, the $1,100 Frigidaire FPID2497RF scored a mere 55 percent. Even though it misses a couple of spoons spots, the LG machine had pretty good jets that did the job of washing every inch of every dish. It also successfully scraped away stuck-on foods, such as peanut butter and dried egg. But the performance tests took it a step further.

One particular difficult task was for the disposal to clean spinach spots from large plates. Even though the dishwasher’s filter couldn’t handle such foods, don’t be discouraged. Most models have trouble cleaning the gooey stuff. In fact, the three rivals also spread the little pieces of spinach across those plates – the testers even found it inside glasses and coffee cups. But this is a difficult test to pass, so you should be alright if you simply rinse or scrape your dishes.


The Verdict

The LG Semi Integrated Dishwasher is not a bad appliance to invest in. The integration means that you can seamlessly install it in your kitchen and not ruin your minimal design. The stainless steel blends in with most modern styles, so you don’t have to worry about the dishwasher disrupting the overall vibe. Sure, you could do better than the LG LDS5040ST – the market prices go much higher than $700 – but it’s a good contender for its range. If you rinse your dishes, the LG will get them clean and dry. This should be enough for anyone to take the model under consideration.

The product we reviewed today is clearly designed for fans of LG products. But if you’re interested in checking out other dishwashers, we recommend looking at the excellent trio of similarly priced models we’ve also talked about today. The $600 GE GDF610PMJES comes with the best features, the $700 Kenmore 13699 leaves your dishes sparkling, and the $650 Frigidaire FGID2466QF is the most balanced of the three.

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