7 Luxury Pajamas for a Decadent Rest

A lot of people are particular about their beauty sleep. After all, a good night’s slumber makes you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and recharged for the next day, so who wouldn’t want that? If you’re one of those people, you must be ready to systematically invest in that comfortable sleep.

Your favorite pair of pajamas goes a long when it comes to unwinding. If you don’t already own that one pajama that makes you feel like a queen, we hope you’ll find it today in our selection of luxury pajamas. Then, it you’ll want to cancel your weekend plans so you can sleep in, we promise not to tell.

All you need now is the right out outfit to match. And no, we don’t mean that old T-shirt you use as pajama. Any of the cute sets you’ll scroll through will help you get ready for some seriously chic lounging.

What Goes Into a Good Night’s Sleep?

A comfortable bed is the most obvious thing you need for a restful sleep is – one that’s neither too hard nor too soft. Then there are the beddings; you have plenty of luxurious options to choose from, such as Egyptian cotton with a thread count in the thousands. We guarantee you’ll sleep like a baby in these.

Also, let’s not forget about the lighting in the bedroom. Experts say the best sleep takes place in complete darkness. However, if you’re not prone to insomnia, you could keep a night light on. That brings us to the ambient sound, an aspect that also depends on your preference. Dead quiet, soft music or a white noise machine – you do you!

Why Proper Sleepwear Is Important

Last aspect is probably the one many sleep lovers often overlook: Sleepwear. Most people would tell you that an old, soft t-shirt and shorts is enough for a comfortable night’s sleep. And there’s nothing wrong with that. However, there are others who prefer to take it a step further by purchasing good quality – albeit pricey – sleepwear. Consider these three aspects when buying high-end sleepwear:

  • the way the pajama fits;
  • the material of the outfit;
  • and the price.

For a more comfortable sleep, choose softer and looser fitting fabrics, such as cotton, silk or satin. However, these materials may come at a cost, as the ones that feel great on the body are definitely on the pricier side.

Sleep in Style

If you like to live your days in luxury, we see no reason why you couldn’t be just as stylish by night. In fact, some people even wear their jammies on the streets. You might own a favorite pair of novelty PJs that you could wear on the high street, but you could also adhere to this recent trend of luxurious sleepwear. Some people invest in fancy silk two-pieces that can be worn in the bedroom but also outside the house. Are you more into thermal materials? Don’t worry because cozy bedtime winners are always in style.

As far as the pajama fabrics are concerned, you can choose from a multitude of options. It all comes down to what you’re looking for in nightwear. Lightweight, breathable, and soft to the touch? Go with cotton, although it’s not the best insulator. Looking for a set that will keep you warm all night long? Cashmere, fleece, or wool is what you want to invest in. Silk is a happy medium. It will keep you cool when you’re hot and warm when you’re cold.

So are you ready to invest in a good night outfit? If the answer is yes, then here’s a list of sleepwear that you will love, even though it may set you back a few hundred dollars.

1. Desmond & Dempsey Sansindo Tiger Print Pajama Set

It’s not the kind of animal print you’re used to – it’s much better and quirkier. Manufactured and marketed by Desmond & Desmpey, his pajama set is a classic inspired by those worn by Coco Chanel. Traditional in design, these are some of the most luxurious PJs on our list. They might be more on the expensive side, but they’re totally worth investing in. Crafted from luxury cotton, the white backdrop is filled with hand-painted, olive-green Sansindo tiger prints. While traditional, the jammies give off a modern vibe due to the edgy and seriously stylish motif. For an extra £30, you can have these luxe jammies monogrammed with two characters.

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2. Jigsaw Penelope Stripe Jersey Pajama

This sleepwear set is not only great for transitional months, but they’re also some of the comfiest you’ll see on our list. The PJs come in a matching printed pouch, making them ideal as a gift or for weekends away. The Jigsaw Penelope model is made of 95% cotton; they’re also soft and pleasant to the eye. The light grey pattern and the fine white horizontal striping combined give the sleepwear a classic look. The top has a wide boat neckline, features long sleeves and is a loose, boxy fit overall. It doesn’t get much more comfortable than this. The stretchy fabric of the bottoms means they won’t cling to your legs.

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3. Cosabella’s Cleope Babydoll Night Gown

Established in 1983, the Cosabella is one of those brands that release new collections with the modern woman in mind. This flirty night gown is a perfect illustration, with its girly overall feel and babydoll style. All of Cosabella’s products are manufactured with top Italian raw materials, and this see-through sleepwear is no different. The Cosabella line is known for its bright off-beat colors, including neon pink or metallic blue. Given that the average price of luxury night gowns is $150, this one is among the most inexpensive in the high-end brand category.

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4. Donna Karan Silk Button-Front Sleep Shirt

Donna Karan is one of the top designers of our times. She has attracted many Hollywood stars with her motto: “Modern clothes for modern people.” Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson, and Katherine Heigl are just a few of the celebrities who have worn a Donna Karan on the red carpet. But Karan also creates sleepwear, like this gorgeous button-down silk shirt, which is one of the more expensive items in her collection. It costs around $225, but many think the price is well worth the quality.

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5. Victoria’s Secret “Afterhours” Satin Pajama

Buying a pair of these jammies might be the closest you’ll ever get to becoming a Victoria’s Secret Angel. However, no time for sulking, because these luxe PJs more than make up for it. You can choose from several designs, such as jazzy diamond print, plain black, or classic pink stripe. The latter is not just super feminine, but also features a toughened up shirt collar and black contrast piping. Despite the imported polyester, the jammies are silky-soft, breathable, and a loose fit. Perfect for you if you hate clingy jams. The detailing is also exquisite, from the VS embroidery on the shirt’s chest pocket to the aforementioned piping. The bottoms are also fitted with a useful drawstring.

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7. Hanro Carla Short Pajama Set

Do you like prancing around in cute little outfits? Then you probably enjoy sleepwear that allows you to show it off. Girly girls simply cannot resist the short, lace pajama set, but luckily there are brands that specialize in this type of apparel. Hanro’s specialty is luxurious sleepwear, as well as dainty yet sexy undergarments. The items are known for their seamless cuts, perfect fit, and trendy designs. You can get a Hanro two-piece short cotton pajama set for a hefty price – but just look at the lovely embroidery! It will make you sleep like a baby.

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Three J NYC Coco Silk Pajamas

When your target market is the Louboutin-wearing crowd, you afford to create a sleepwear line that’s pricey above average. The New York-based company Three J NYC, for instance, has designed these unbelievable PJs that simply hug the body as luxuriously as the Louboutin shoes. The brand’s Coco silk pajamas are on the more expensive side of the collection (they sell for around $275). In addition to the double silk fabrics, the model is particularly distinctive due to the fact that it doesn’t use elastic for the waistband. That way, you, the wearer, can breathe and move around freely and unconstrained – and isn’t comfort what you need the most for a good night’s rest?

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