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Top 3 Luxury Watches for Men to Keep an Eye On

We may live in a world where we check our phones to tell the time. We should instead reverse time to a past when a wristwatch not only indicated the hour of day, but acted as a momentary glimpse into a person’s taste and aesthetic character. All is not lost. Nowadays, there are a few established brands of luxury watches for men that survive to tell the tale. And the time.

Grande Complication of a A.Lange and Sohne Watch luxury watches for men

Finding the right wristwatch is a top style priority for some. Below we name three internationally acclaimed luxury watches for men that have attained a place on our winners podium.

These timepieces are stunning from several angles – brand, statement, functionality, tech-features, construction quality, price, and last but not least, beauty.

Top 3 Luxury Watches for Men

A. Lange & Sohne Luxury Watches for Men

A.Lange and Sohne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater luxury watches for men

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The Saxon luxury watch brand has been measuring time for 170 years now, ever since its founder, Ferdinand Adolphe Lange, established his first factory.

To celebrate its time-honored brand, the manufacturer rolled out limited editions of seven luxury watches for men this year.

Recognizable features include exceptional mechanics and a hand-crafted design that mostly runs along a golden palette.

The watch to break the classical design is the Zeitwerk Minute Repeater, which is nothing short of genius. This is a first of the brand to feature a ‘decimal’ minute-repeating mechanism.

It sounds the time exactly as shown on the clear, digital display, with the double-digit minutes on the right visible and the instantaneously jumping hours on the left. Only the price remains to tick all the prerequisites of a high-class luxury watch, and on that account, it does not disappoint. The Zeitwerk Minute Repeater costs approximately $400,000.

Audemars Piguet Luxury Watches for Men

Audemars Piquet luxury watches for men

A top of luxury watches for men without a Swiss mention wouldn’t measure up to great expectations, would it? Audemars Piquet is a Swiss watchmaker with a history of creating minute-repeated ultra-luxury wristwatches dating back to 1875.

Unlike Rolex and other Swiss brands, the Audemars Piquet business stayed in the family. Not selling to a global corporation didn’t hinder the production line at all, with the brand producing 36,000 luxury watches for men and women a year.

Plus, Audemars Piquet also found the time to create the first steel luxury sports watch in 1972, dubbed the Royal Oak. The latest to make the market tick to new spells of delight has been the Royal Oak Concept RD1.

The team that mastered the ticking sound of this timepiece has been carefully assembled from different, seemingly unrelated fields of work. A maker of stringed instruments, a hi-fi master, and a sound engineer have worked together for over a decade to create the loudest, most sonorous luxury wristwatch ever made.

No wonder the prototype watch is not for sale. There are plenty of models to choose from, as we’ve mentioned above.

The Royal Oak Tourbillon Extra-Thin deserves special attention. Exhibiting an 18-carat yellow gold case with sapphire crystals as a symbol of power and wealth, this timepiece displays a hand-wound mechanism and a slate grey openworked dial.

The noblest of metals – platinum encases this classic design. The price starts at $281,500, and time is ticking. The tourbillon watch comes in a limited edition.


Cartier Tank luxury watches for men

Cartier has managed to merge avant-garde technology with 170 years of savoir-faire. No one could contest their iconic place in the forefront of luxury watches for men. Especially since the brand has enjoyed the backing of a loyal following of red carpet celebrities.

Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier started their line of luxury watches for men with the ‘Tank’ in 1917. This timepiece is appropriately named. French tanks in World War 1 inspired the design.

This year, the luxury brand rolled out a series of new models. And none shines brighter than the 18K Pink Gold Tank Anglaise, which is set with 111 brilliant-cut diamonds. This timepiece is resistant to 30 meters and comes at a cost of $157,000, no sales tax included.

Sporting high-end materials with a powerful statement, these 3 luxury watches for men are built to the highest standards. As we’d expect, they also command the highest prices. But are they not worth the splurge?

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