Kenwood Dash Cam Review: A Device That Transforms Driving

Are you looking for a new device for inside your car?

Protect your safety on the road, and utilize new features to improve your driving experience. With so many products to choose from, it can be confusing to pick an ideal device. However, we’ve discovered the Kenwood dash cam. Let’s take a look at why you need this in your life and its many benefits.

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A Little About the Kenwood Dash Cam

The Kenwood dash cam is everything all drivers need to add to their vehicle. It’s a 3-in-1 device which features a receiver, dash camera and tuner. There are so many ways to enjoy this device and we can’t wait to share with you the benefits of owning one.

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Background About the Kenwood Dash Cam

Kenwood is an exceptional brand which focuses on producing high-quality, innovate products. Their principles remain the same at the very heart of their company and products as when they started out. Millions of people around the world use their devices. As they focus on an array of technology and equipment, they’re respected amongst everyone. Using only the very best materials with everything they create, their appliances are tested fully and individually. This invaluable loyalty is well earned by their team of experts. Designed and engineered in the United Kingdom, they intend to create the best of the best.

Who is the Kenwood Dash Cam is Great For?

The Kenwood dash cam is an idea product for people who are often on the road. With the added benefit of a dash camera, it records any incidents which you may need evidence of. Also, with additional features, this is a great gadget for people who love technology. Utilize the tuner to play your favourite music on the go, without any interference.

What are the Best Uses for the Kenwood Dash Cam? 

This product is easy to install and great to use daily. The receive doesn’t just have a large screen, but a multitude of features. You can integrate your phone (iPhone and Android). Also, control your smartphone on the screen so you don’t need to take your eyes off the road. By having the screen in your eye view, the passenger can also access this device to further protect your safety.

Features & Benefits of the Kenwood Dash Cam

The Kenwood dash cam comes at a reasonable price for everything it offers. We’re truly amazed by how well it performs. Let’s take a look at some of its best features and why you need one in your vehicle.

1. Dash Camera 

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The Kenwood recorder offers a dash camera to record your journey on the roads. This multimedia receiver is a powerful car stereo with plenty of cool options. However, you’ll get even more functionality when you add on the dash camera and drive assistant options. When it’s connected to the front camera input, you’ll gain an in-dash view of whatever this dash camera records. Plus, it also offers collision alerts, departure delay warnings and even more.

2. Large Screen with Smartphone Integration

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The Kenwood recorder doesn’t just have a big screen, but plenty of options and features too. This Bluetooth-equipped receiver handles both iPhone and Android integration using Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But the really big news is that you can use the 6.95" touchscreen to control your smartphone, your audio, your video, and even select Kenwood dash cams.

3. Easy to Use Tuner

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The tuner is easy to use and it provides you with a crystal-clear reception no matter where you are. Install and set it up in no time at all, and you’ll never miss a beat. It comes with a magnetic antenna mount, SiriusXM connect Vehicle Tuner, and an installation guide.

What People Have to Say About the Kenwood Dash Cam

We’ve scoured the Internet to see what people say about the Kenwood dash cam. Many users love that it features a Collision Avoidance Warning. This provides you with audible alerts if you’re travelling too close to the vehicle in front of you. Also, the Departure Delay Warning gives you a heads up when you’re stopped if traffic in front of you moves again. Both of these features are great to keep you safe on the roads at all times.


  • plus
    Detects hard braking when involved in an accident
  • plus
    Videos are saved to the included microSD card for playback
  • plus
    Easy to install


  • close
    Fairly large design
  • Takes some time to fit in the right place in your vehicle

The dash camera feature is also a main feature of the Kenwood dash cam. This fully automated camera will start recording once the engine is turned on and stops when the engine turns off. When you’re driving, this camera records a high-resolution, full HD, wide-angle view. Therefore, you can see everything on the road and use it for evidence, if applicable. The technology also compensates for sudden lighting changes to ensure you’re always recording the best possible picture.

Alternative Dash Cameras to Consider

If you’re excited about the Kenwood dash cam, though would love to look at what else is on the market, you’ll be pleased. We’ve searched the Internet for alternative products which are high quality and offers similar features. Let’s take a look at these three products.

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This dash camera is a great alternative to the Kenwood dash cam, because of its low-profile, discreet design. It creates a beautiful, vivid picture of the road ahead by honing in on the details that other cameras might miss using its built-in Sony IMX323 image sensor. With its 170-degree ultra-wide angle lens, you can mount the camera nearly anywhere and still capture the entirety of the road. Also, the camera automatically adapts by fine-tuning the exposure of the camera to create balanced images and footage.

With Loop Recording, new recordings will automatically overwrite oldest recordings when the memory card is full. When the G-sensor detects a collision, the current video will be locked. The camera is easily mounted to your windshield using the included adhesive mount. With a 140°(F) operating and a 160°(F) storage temperature, the V1 is ready to record in any climate. When the built-in gravity sensor detects a collision, the current video is locked, ensuring important footage is kept protected. Locked video will be kept safe from being overwritten. Also, this records videos in 3, 5, or 10 minute segments. When the memory card full, new recordings will automatically overwrite the oldest segments. Supports high-endurance micro SD memory cards up to 128GB in memory size.

2. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS

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This is a great alternative to the Kenwood dash cam as it also offers a GPS feature. Whether you want to go back in time and reminisce on your favorite road trips or catch those unexpected moments, the WheelWitness is the perfect travel companion. But it can do so much more. Combining the exceptional Ambarella A7LA50 processor and a 170 degrees super wide angle lens, the WheelWitness HD Pro model is the perfect witness, recording everything in front of you in ultra-clear Super HD 2k, in crisp 2304x1296P resolution. Facing you is a 3-inch color LCD display that shows a preview of what the camera sees to aid in framing. Here is also where you interact with the various settings, menu options, and media playback controls via a bank of four physical buttons, two on each side of the screen.

Day or night, sun or rain or driving through tunnels, you will be able to always get razor-sharp images, thanks to the WDR technology. WDR is able to show a fully balanced exposure, with the ability to compensate light and dark spots of the frame in one shot. Combining multiple exposures, you will always enjoy an optimal night vision. Just insert the included SD card, mount the suction cup and plug in the power. When the Dash Cam senses power, it automatically fires up and starts recording. When the power is cut (such as when the car's ignition is shut off) the camera will automatically turn off.

Finally, the GPS module accessory enables the dash cam to capture the speed, location and coordinates of the motor vehicle. The logging of such details can be played back showing the speed the vehicle was traveling at the time, along with real-time location movements of where the vehicle has been.

3. Vantrue T2 24/7 Surveillance Super Capacitor Dash Cam

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Built in a super-capacitor, this allows the front camera for car to record in both hot and cold conditions and provides a much longer functional life. This dash cam has a broader operating temperature than the Kenwood dash cam. Featuring a NOVATEK NT96655 processor, this dash camera captures the road front. Also, the Auto LCD off after the recording begins so you won't be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield. With an advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor and NOVATEK NT96655 processor plus HDR technology, this automatically balances the exposures to pick up greater detail in dark. As a result, it greatly provides night vision at low light environment to make driving safe and reliable at night.

Equipped with Wave Guard Indicator, the camera for car will transmit microwave. When it detects movement in front of your car, the indicator is on and will start auto-recording. In addition, the variable sensitivity G-sensor auto detects a sudden shake/collision and emergency locks the footage. There’s even a built-in microphone/speaker for audio recording, which you can turn off. Finally, we love the optional GPS for you to track the driving route, location and speed on your computer.

Would You Purchase the Kenwood Dash Cam?

We hope you enjoyed reading the features and benefits of owning a Kenwood recorder. Why not update your car’s interior and purchase one of these? You don’t need experience in technology to make the most of this product. Simply install it and leave it to run without you having to put in any work.

Would you purchase the Kenwood recorder after reading this article? Let us know your thoughts and any recommended products in the comments.

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